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Are you licensed, bonded and insured? What does that mean exactly, and why is it important?

Pace Development Cabinetry Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor, certified to perform cabinetry projects throughout all of California. Licensed contractors must demonstrate at least four years of experience and knowledge in the trade for which they are licensed and bonded. Unlicensed contractors do not pay taxes, carry insurance, or have an obligation to follow strict safety laws. The Contractors State Licensing Board keeps records on all contractors in California. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, the State Contractors Licensing Board won’t be able to help you with any claims that arise as a result of defective work or damage to your property. Your home is a major investment and by hiring a licensed, bonded and insured cabinet maker you are protecting that investment.

How much of a return on my investment can I expect to receive after remodeling my kitchen or bathroom?

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom not only increases the aesthetics of your home decor, it can also increase the value of your current home exponentially. According to our supplier, Decore-ative Specialities , those living in the Western region of the country can expect to see an average return of 78% for bathrooms, 93% for a minor kitchen remodel and 85% for a major kitchen remodel.

Why should I purchase my cabinets from you rather than a large national chain store such as Home Depot?

Custom cabinetry by Pace Cabinetry means you will never be limited by a manufacturer's catalog. Through an extensive assessment of each client’s space, we are able to deliver a design that is completely customized to specific space size and needs. You’re not going to get custom features such as a pull-out cutting board, special spice drawers, and hidden microwaves at Lowes or Home Depot. All of our cabinets are crafted by hand utilizing only high-grade materials. All products are American made and nothing is pre-fabricated or mass produced.

It may look good from the outside, but a lot of the modular stuff you get in large home-center stores are any where from ½ to ¼ inch thick. This isn’t substantial to withhold day-to-day wear and tear. Shelves will bend and eventually collapse. Our cabinets incorporate three–quarter inch box construction for strength. We also use solid wood face-frames, as opposed to cheap plywood. Pre-fabricated and stock cabinetry is also manufactured using pre-determined dimensions and built to be used in a variety of generic kitchen styles. When a pre-fab or stock kitchen is installed, more often than not there will be dead space because the pieces won't perfectly fit your specific kitchen layout. See our Residential Cabinetry page for more information on how to ensure you’re getting quality cabinets.

I saw a cabinet style I liked in a magazine. Can you duplicate it?

Absolutely! We welcome any pictures that might give us a better idea of your style preferences. As highly experienced and design savvy custom cabinet makers, we have the versatility to design and build any wood cabinet you can fathom.

Do you install the cabinets yourselves or sub-contract?

We do all of our own design, fabrication, finishing, painting and custom cabinet installation. Nothing is contracted out. The same people that build your cabinets will install them. This ensures that your cabinets are installed to our high standards.

What is your warranty?

The industry standard is one year. Pace Cabinetry warrants all cabinets to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of installation. This warranty doesn’t cover defects or damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, chips, normal wear and tear, or excessive heat or moisture.

How is Pace Cabinetry Inc. eco-friendly?

We use complaint, low VOC laquers and water based glue. We also use Greenguard certified adhesive, which is a non-toxic, environmentally safe product. The Morbadelli, our automated milling machine, has specialized software that can guide us to the best possible layout, therefore minimizing waste and maximizing our material. All of the disposed product we end up with goes into the proper sorting and recycling facility.

Do you provide counter tops?

No, but we have been partners with Collosieum Marble Co. for 20 years. We’ll refer you to Ernesto, who will come out and help you design your countertops and back splash. Check out our Professional Partners page to obtain a list of some of the best vendors in the area to assist you with other home design needs.

What does it mean to reface cabinets?

First, we remove your existing doors and drawer fronts. We then use solid wood veneer – as opposed to plywood – that matches the front of the cabinet so that when you open the door you don’t see a plywood edge. This is more esthetically pleasing. Lastly, we install new custom finished cabinet doors, drawer boxes and drawer fronts.

How do I know if I should reface or have new cabinets installed?

The benefit of investing in new cabinets is that you can have your dream cabinets, perfectly customized for maximum storage, style and convenience. However, this can be expensive, and refacing can cost 30% to 50% less. If you are interested in keeping your existing facade and counter tops, it needs to be determined whether or not they are structurally sound. If they are, all the drawers work fine, and you don’t plan on staying in your home, refacing may be a good alternative. It’s important to hire an honest professional to help you make this call.

What is the difference between face frame and frameless cabinets?

When you are deciding whether to go with face frame or frameless cabinetry, ask yourself if you want cabinets where you can see the cabinet in between the doors (face frame) or cabinets where all you can see is the doors (frameless).

Once we decide to work with you, how long will it take you to complete our project?

It typically takes about a week and a half to draft several designs based on the client’s needs and requests. The start date begins once the design is approved by the client. It takes us four to six weeks from the start date to complete a project.

Should I paint and install my new flooring before or after my new custom cabinets are installed?

You could go either way, but generally, we find it best to paint and install flooring after we install your cabinets. You can prime your walls first if you’d like.

Are your base and wall cabinet interior shelves adjustable?

Yes. All interior shelves are adjustable unless you decide to incorporate roll-out shelves on your base cabinets so you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to see what’s in there.

When should I pick out my appliances?

When we have our initial planning meeting we will advise you on what appliances might be the best fit and recommend the best place to purchase your appliances. You will need to pick out appliances three to four days after our meeting. We can’t draw up the final design plan without the make, model and dimensions of your appliances.

How do I get an estimate?

Call us at (714) 842-5336 for a Free Estimate. We will come out to your home and do a thorough assessment of the layout and design of your project and provide you with a quote.

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