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Cabinetry picsCreating Quality Custom Cabinets Every Time

With a proclivity for design and woodworking, owner and consummate cabinet maker Tony Rini founded Pace Cabinetry Inc., a custom cabinet company serving Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego 32 years ago. Located in Huntington Beach, everything is individually designed and fabricated in-house. 

With the help of his family, wife Jaclyn Rini, mother Carol Rini, and occasionally son Joey Rini, Tony runs a custom cabinetry business that continually produces truly unique and quality cabinets with superior customer service.
Tony truly has a zeal for what he does, which is why he’s been doing it wholeheartedly for 32 years. He and his staff do all the custom design, fabrication, finishing and installation themselves with extreme care and attention to detail. Tony is emphatic that if he wouldn’t put it in his own home, then he wouldn’t put it in his client’s.
Although he’s a dynamo with his hands, Tony has an acute eye for creating stunning design. If he can think it, he can put it on paper and make it a reality. Although he works well with interior designers, this often cuts out the need for one, further reducing remodeling costs. The deft cabinet designer loves the instant gratification of being with clients when they see their dream cabinets for the first time. He never tires of the compliments.

Superior Custom Cabinetry Service

Some people know exactly what they want and some don’t know where to start. Tony works with every client closely and guides them through the design planning process. Through an extensive assessment, he is able to deliver a design that is completely customized to specific space size and needs.
Tony loves to chat and relishes being around people. The dynamic Italian cabinet maker takes customer service seriously, and has close contact with his clients, always following up and returning all messages as quickly as possible. He is with his clients from start to finish of every project. He is always there to get staff started on a project, and typically works alongside them.
When he tells someone he’s going to do something he does it. While some contractors have earned reputations for flakiness, if Tony tells someone he’ll be there at 8am he’s there a quarter of. This paired with his acute attention to detail and ability to deliver a distinguished product is why most of Pace Cabinetry's work comes from word-of-mouth.

A Family Affair

Tony loves working with his family. His son Joey works in the business from time to time, when he’s not at school, by helping install and assemble cabinetry. His mother Carol Rini, is the secretary for Pace Cabinetry and does all internal bookkeeping.
His wife, Jaclyn Rini, is the Marketing Director for Pace Cabinetry. Utilizing her high-energy personality and her passion for promoting Pace Cabinetry’s quality custom cabinets, Jaclyn works to educate people on why working with her husband is a much better decision than going to Lowe’s.
Jaclyn is actively involved in Women of Vision, an organization that equips women to serve impoverished and oppressed women and children worldwide. She makes regular trips abroad to refugee camps.
Tony and Jaclyn love being outdoors, particularly near the ocean. Tony regularly scuba dives and fishes. When they’re not working hard to please their clients, they pack up their fifth wheeler and take their son Joey and daughter Danielle to go motorcycling.

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